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A message from our 2021 EU Young Ambassadors

Our TY EU Young Ambassadors want to congratulate the winners of the recent EU Day events. Congratulations as well to the Young Ambassadors and Ms Irwin who received their Gold Certificates from the European Parliament Office.
A message from our 2021 EU Young Ambassadors

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your support with the recent EU Day events held here in St Josephs Secondary School. The Teachers who allowed us time to organise and run the events and of course the students who took part. We would like to thank the Year Heads, Maria and especially Ms Irwin for all her help.

Europe Day held on 9 May every year celebrates peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the historic 'Schuman declaration'. At a speech in Paris in 1950, Robert Schuman, the then French foreign minister, set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, which would make war between Europe's nations unthinkable. As Young Ambassadors of the European Parliament Ambassador School Programme (EPASP) we were tasked with creating awareness of Europe Day ,the European Parliament and all things EU-themed.

  1. Organised a display of facts on yellow stars on noticeboard opposite the hall about the EP( & pics of the MEPs).EU Day 9th March 2021.png

2. Organised a display of posters- one for 27 classrooms-hello in an EU language -we laminated them and put up on / by the Friday before EU Day.

EU Day Preparation.png

3. A quiz on Europe was then sent to all teachers via email if they wanted to use it in their classes. Year Heads were asked to post a message on Schoology regarding the competition and we made out announcements for the Secretary for the intercom.

EU Young Ambassadors 2021.png

4. We organised a ‘ digital picture’ competition for around Europe day -planned how this might be organised -for whole school-decided to post an assignment on a new Schoology course -gave the code to the whole school and judged the entries then and presented the prizes afterwards.

A big congratulations to Thomas ,Shauna, Paulina & Joe for winning the digital poster competition about an EU country. Austria, Croatia, Poland and France were the clear winners!

EU Competition Prizewinners.png

5. We wrote out blogs about our experiences of any EU-themed activity we took part in this year and asked others in TY to do the same and collated them for the display cabinet as well as putting in up-to-date info re our MEPs. Reports from Euroscola, The European Youth Parliament and a students account on her involvement with The European's Commission work on Children's Rights are all available to read in the EU Display cabinet.

Ms Irwin said that this was 'A great team effort ,creating awareness in the school community about all things EU. We have just been informed that they have retained the EPASP Plaque for the school for another year ,and will now be receiving their Gold Certificates as Young Ambassadors of the EPASP from the European Parliament Office in Dublin for their great work'. Mr Reade presented the Young Ambassadors with their certificates on Friday 21st May. Congratulations to All involved

EU Ambassadors 2021.jpg

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