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Feel Good Friday Fix

In this uncertain and unusual time check out some of our feel good stories from isolation.
Feel Good Friday Fix

Even when our world as we know it has been turned upside down and shaken inside out there are still wonderful things happening in St Joseph's. Members of our school community have continued to produce fabulous work, win competitions, engage creatively, learn new skills and celebrate all the sensational and incredible things that make us the group of people that we are.

Have a look through some of the wonderful things our students and teachers have been getting up to for your FEEL GOOD FRIDAY FIX 😊 - you won't be disappointed, we continue to be a very busy school community, despite being seperated from one another!

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cool Guidance Department Jam-Packed Padlet

The Guidance Department have collected a large amount of important and relevant supports for both parents and students to be shared with the school community. The supports have been broken up into different categories and can be easily accessed through the following link:

This Padlet resource is being updated daily and is already jam packed with resources for all the family under headings such as: Physical Exercise/Sport, Yoga/Pilates, Mindfulness & Relaxation, Anxiety/Stress, Entertainment for Adults and Students, Healthy Lifestyle, Parental Support, Activities, Music, Motivation, Education Supports for Students, Exam/Study Supports and Mental Health Supports.

Seriously, take a look, it is very impressive!

Well done to Ms Heaney and the Guidance Department for putting this together and continuously updating it!

Padlet Guidance Page.png

coolJoe Wicks, Who? – Haven’t you heard of Ms Kiely & Ms Rodriguez!

The PE dept have put together a range of ideas & activities to keep the whole family active:

Workouts and circuits that cater for all levels of fitness with challenges set for those who would like to push themselves a little harder. As the first and second years are in the middle of their dance module there are links for different dance routines which they can try out.

Don’t forget it is very essential to warm up and cool down when you participate in exercise so we have included links for stretching and pilates too. This Padlet will also be updated on a continuous basis. So do check in regularly for something new!

It is important that everyone continues to be active during their time at home. We have tried to include a physical activity for all so we hope you find one you enjoy. Please encourage your children to get involved, why not motivate them by doing an activity a day together as a family!

Another very impressive looking page overflowing with a variety of different activities – well done PE Department 😊

Padlet PE Dept.png

coolHear Ye, Hear Ye - THE ISOLATION REVIEW, Hot off the Press!

Mr Dowling and his 2nd year English class have been creatively collaborating.
They’ve only gone and produced a MAGAZINE. If you have not seen this, you NEED to!
This piece of work is full of fantastic articles, reviews, recipes – and so much more!

Find the link to – The Isolation Review Issue 001

Well done to all the student and teacher contributors for this issue. It is a phenomenal piece of work, a real keepsake of our time in isolation.
We look forward to seeing Issue 002!

The Isolation Review 001.png

coolNew St Joseph’s Twitter Accounts

We have two new groups from our school community entering the twittersphere.
Please do give the accounts a follow for daily updates. They'd love to see you following them! smile

St Joseph’s Religion Department - @STJREDept
Is now up and live hoping to share motivational, inspirational and important messages for all. In these uncertain times our faith is steadfast and comforting. Link in with the department through the twitter page or you can also use our new online Prayer/Intention/Reflection Space which can be found on our website at the following address:

Everyday at 12pm our school community will be thinking of/praying for all the intentions that have been submit through our virtual intention book. Check out all the information for this on the above link. What a beautiful & meaningful way to connect.

st francis.jpg

5th Year Student Leadership Team- @stj_leadership

Our 5th Year Leadership Team have been super productive over the Easter Break! Creating a Twitter page & their 7 Top Tips for students during these unusual times. You really need to check this group of young people out. Leaders of our future for sure.

A full article including their 7 Top Tips and a short video for each tip can be found on our school website and in the school app under the “News” tab. All the content was created by them and is currently being circulated to the students of our school through Year Heads & Form Teachers. Well done for creating such top quality content 5th years and we look forward to seeing what else you get up to in your leadership journey.

5th L.png

coolTop Class Photographers in 1st Year

Over the Easter Break Rush Tidy Towns ran a photography competition titled "Discover Rush". The competition was a massive success with over 170 entries. The standard was exceptional making the final decision a very difficult one for the Tidy Towns Committee. We are so proud of Amy Roche and Ethan Sands two 1st Year students who placed both 1st & 2nd in the u16s category of this competition. Wait until you see their photos, they are outstanding!

under 16 category.jpg

Amy's Winning Photograph is titled:"Field of waves"
Isn't it just stunning! Congratulations Amy, we look forward to seeing more of your talent in the coming years.

Field of waves.jpg

Ethan's 2nd Place Photograph is titled:"South Beach Sunset"
Such a beautiful shot! Well done Ethan another super talented photographer we also can't wait to see more of your photographs in the coming years.

soth beach.jpg

coolTYs Staying Connected While Distant

Over the Easter Break our TYs gave us a lesson in nurturing friendships and keeping busy, creative and productive while isolating.

Daily challenges, virtual meet-ups, creative challenges, bake-offs you name it, these guys put their hands to it – literally in some instances!
Check out their “Hand Turkey” work, yes you heard me, “Hand Turkey”!

hand turkey.jpg

Another inspirational group of young people adapting to their new normal and not allowing their social connections to dwindle or the challenges of isolation confine them. Well done to all for getting involved. These will be the stories you will pass onto your grandchildren some day.
Check out some of the pictures of what they got up to below.

IMG_0815-08B8A.JPGTy Zoom.jpg

Bake Off.jpgTY Draw.jpg

cool1st Year Video Projects - Move Over Spielberg!

Guidance Department - Mental Health Promotion Competition
A challenge set by our Guidance Department over the Easter Break was to create a video promoting Mental Health. The department ran this challenge as a competition and are delighted to say well done and congratulations to – Dominic Kelly in 1st Year who was the competition winner with his informational video.

Check out some of his cool animated tips on coping at the time of Corona here:

"Social Distancing Life" with 1D & Ms Doyle
Ms Doyle & her 1st years have also been exploring their video production skills!
The project title: "Social Distancing Life".
The task: To create a video of you living your best socially distant life.

Ms Doyle wanted to give Griffin Carrick's submission a particular shout out for his commitment to the project. It's definately a video that would cheer anyone up! Check it out here:

coolFood Parcels For Families

Every Wednesday since the 1st of April, a number of staff members in St Joseph's have been supplying food parcels to many families in our school. Where the family is unable to collect the parcel, it is delivered to the doorstep. This really is a wonderful, positive initiative to spread a little cheer and offer some support to families during these difficult times.
Check out some of the food parcels obeying social distancing rules waiting to be collected!

Food Parcels 1.JPG

coolModern Foreign Languages Dept Challenges... YOU!

The MFL Department at St Joseph’s have been setting a’ Language Challenge’ to keep Junior Students engaged in their modern foreign languages. Students have been honing skills such as discovery learning, independent learning, creativity, linguistic & digital skills while taking on language challenges very enthusiastically.

Students send their teachers evidence via photos or screen shots of them participating in these unique language challenges like changing their phone displays to the Target Language. How many of these challenges could you complete? St Joseph's dares you!

Check out the German, French & Spanish language challenge task sheets here:




cool1st Year Coding Success - Scratch National Competition

Firstly - I bet you want to know what Scratch is right? We're not talking when you have an itch, we promise!

Scratch is a visual programming language that makes it easy for young people to create their own interactive stories, animations, games, music and art – and share their creations on the web. Scratch is a programme that helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively – essential skills for life in the 21st century. It is a programme that our Coding Department use with our junior cycle coding students.

Each year Scratch hosts a National Competition - this year out of all the entries in Ireland only 34 entries qualified as finalists!
We are so delighted that Riaghan Boardman of 1A is one of these remarkable 34 with his Dodgeball Game Project.

Find a screen capture of his project here:

scratch game 1.png

Congratulations Righan we are so proud of your success in this competition. A huge accomplishment, well done!

coolIrish Band “The Pale” Shoutout St Joseph’s

A lovely memory and throw back shared by The Pale this week giving our St Joseph’s Music Group a well-deserved shout out! The Irish band shared a full video recording of our performance with them back in November on Twitter & Facebook.

The St Joseph’s Music Group was so honoured to perform with Matthew & Shane in the Aidlink for Turkana concert. An organisation we are so strongly connected to here in St Joseph's. The Pale most well-known for "Butterfly" were over the moon with our choice to perform a song from their most recent album. They were also super impressed with our students and have raved about their performance and professionalism from the first day they met with us all!

Aidlink for Turkana took place on Saturday the 2nd of November to a full house in the National Boxing Stadium. The students got to see many different Irish artists perform with different choirs before they took to the stage with Shane & Matthew from The Pale and Blaithin Carney on the keys. The night was a beautiful celebration of connection & community.

Thanks for sharing the memory lads. It really brightened up our news feeds!

Have a watch of our full performance here:

Check out what The Lads had to say on Twitter Here:

coolNational Scholars Ireland

Ms Mackin proudly sent 22 certificates to 22 2nd Year students who passed the Scholars Ireland Programme this year. Well done to this fab gang of 2nd years. We are so delighted seeing your success in this programme. You should be very proud of yourselves, we sure are!



coolWhen Glee Teachers Get Mad!

Despite the school building being closed GLEE club has continued extra-curricularly in isolation. What we have learned during our time in isolation is that you can't play tracks through Zoom or Google Meet which makes singing and dancing together difficult, but we persevere. We have learned that if someone's connection lags, that's unfortunate for them and their facial expression. We have also learned that we are still a pretty unique group of students and teachers who take great joy in connecting and having fun through music and dance.

Mr Grimes pitched the idea of building a group project which required individual members submitting some tracks and video recordings over the Easter Break. The GLEE students response to this was enthusiastic and encouraging.
When Mr Grimes logged in to begin editing the tracks that should have been there, he got mad.
Why? Well only a couple of students had submit what we needed.
Mr Grimes rang Ms Brophy and told her, she also got mad.

So, what do two GLEE Teachers do when they get mad? Well, they sing about it of course!

GLEE Teachers are very annoying when they're annoyed, right?!
Hopefully the GLEE students will send in their clips for us now or else we may have to sing at them again!

*Disclaimer - No GLEE Teacher was geuinely mad in the making of this dramatic post.
We may tend to pepper our daily stories and situations with a touch of flair and dramatics, in case you couldn't tell. It comes with the territory!

coolTYs Say Thanks

Over the last number of weeks the TY students took some time to stop, reflect & thank the work of those on the frontline.
Check out the beautiful heartfelt messages gathered by our TYs. A great way to finish out our Feel Good Friday Fix smile








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