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Rush students to run experiments on the International Space Station next week!

Well done to the 6th year Computer Science students that made it past the final elimination and will next week have their experiments run on board the ISS as part of ESERO/ESA's Mission Space Lab competition.
Rush students to run experiments on the International Space Station next week!

Rush Students to run experiments in low earth orbit next week!

Last year there was only one successful Irish entry to the Mission Space Lab so we're extremely proud to announce that an astonishing nine groups from St. Joseph's Secondary school have successfully made it through to Phase 3 this year! These student experiments have now achieved "Flight Status" and will run on the International Space Station over the next fortnight. Each experiment is written in Python Code on a special Raspberry Pi Astro Pi Computer on board the ISS. Each experiment runs for three hours so that is an unbelievable twenty-seven hours of runtime in space for our students in total. Only 214 of the very best experiments from 21 countries made it as far as Phase 3 Flight Status so this is a tremendous achievement. The code will return thousands of photographs from space as well as other scientific data such as measurements of the earth's magnetic field strength.

Here are the students that will be running experiments in space next week:

Team Name

Team Members



Ross, Dara, Scott, Karl

Investigating ecological sea/coastal pollution/damage over time

Team Erosion

Kevin, Kieran

Coastline erosion over time viewed from space


Colin, Nicki, Josh

Measuring the magnetosphere around the earth


Niamh, Fionn

Recent changes in rivers meanders using space photography


Jessica, Liam, Morgan and Luke

Investigating levels of deforestation over the last ten years

Two Imposters

Cameron and Aaron

The effects of wildfires on forests viewed from the ISS

Cloud Atlas

Daniel O Brien and Jordan

Measuring cloud Albedo using infrared photography

Blue Cobras

Ethan, James, Todd & Daniel Lukau

Does temperature affect the visible ocean colour from space?

Ground Breakers

Raheem, Sadhbh

An algorithm to automatically detect if the ISS is over land or sea

Danny Murray would like to thank all of those 6th year students who took time over the mid-term to submit their code and Mr. Grimes to helped with half of the groups. He'd also like to thank Stephanie O' Neil, and ESERO and Science Foundation Ireland for their huge help with getting so many teams through this year. Finally, well done also to David Frew's talented students in Mount Temple School that also qualified for flight status this year.

Mr. Murray: "One of my most fond memories of this year will be Cameron Currie getting up at 6am on a Friday over mid-term to work in the fields, rushing home for 12pm to code experiment for the International Space Station and an hour long video call with me (and my 1-year-old Freya) to fix bugs before he runs back out to work in the fields for 2pm. It's probably the most Rush County Dublin thing I can imagine. It's hard work, astronomical ambition and fresh vegetables in equal measure. What an absolute hero!"

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