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Senior Award Ceremony

Sixth Year students gathered together with their Year Heads and Mr Nealon to celebrate achievement in Fifth Year. This was a time to reflect, and reward the considerable effort made by those students who received awards.

On Thursday afternoon 9th Nov we celebrated the 6th year students’ hard work, dedication, and achievements from last year, 5th year. At St Joseph’s, we not only recognise and celebrate academic achievements but also character, leadership, sportsmanship, positive contributions to our school community and also the individuals who have go, ne above and beyond to excel in various aspects of their school life.

As teachers, we take such pride in witnessing students' growth and accomplishments and observing the formation of lasting friendships and memories. It is the students’ values, empathy, and integrity that will guide them in the future.

The 6th years have shown such determination to make the most of their time here in St Joseph’s, overcoming many challenges and obstacles, including school closures and restrictions and the awards ceremony served as a reminder that we are all capable of greatness, that potential knows no bounds, and that we have the power to make a positive impact on the world.

The first category of Awards were Academic awards. The students who are recognised in the subject category are students who have achieved outstanding results in a particular subject. This is an amazing achievement and something to be very proud of. Congratulations to Seán H, Senan B, Daniel O’H, Katherine J, Jack C, Amelie Sl, Tadhg G, Rejoice F McH, Keilan N K, Stephen B, Chloe P, Holly H C, Rebecca A, Ben L N, Bright O, Jesseca N. Ryan G, JD K, Andreea F.


The second group of awards were a Rising Star Award. The winners in this category have been nominated by their teachers. This in and of itself, means that the winners of this category should be very proud of themselves. The winners of this category are students who give their best everyday. They show effort in their classwork and homework. They are the students we can count on, that through their effort, cooperation and positive attitude, they contribute hugely to the teaching and learning in St. Joseph's. As the name suggests, these students are rising stars. Our Sixth Year Rising Star Awards were awarded to Mollie J R, Dylan D, Cathal P, and Daniela K


Sporting achievement was next. The winners in this category have been nominated by all of the teachers involved in sport within our school. The students who have won this award are credited with always showing up, whether it be for a match or for training. They are recognised as leaders, have shown commitment in their approach to their training, their team and their sport. They encourage others and give support to their teammates, especially when things are tough. And lastly, the winners of this category always give their best while representing our school whether as an individual or part of a team. Sports Awards were presented to Matthew McH and Jessica N

The Ceist Award : The student who receives this award is someone who reflects the spirit and values of CEIST and everything we hope that you become here in St. Joseph’s. The criteria for this award included the following attributes:

* This recipient of this award always tries to create a sense of community and include everyone

* They show respect to others and show kindness to everyone they meet

* They strive for justice and takes responsibility being the change they want to see in the world

* They seek a meaning and purpose to life and show spirituality in their connection with others

Stephen B can be justifiably proud as the recipient of CEIST award for 2023.


This next award is the excellent student award. This student is a conscientious young lady who many of her teachers would describe as diligent, hardworking and highly motivated.

Her dedication and unwavering commitment to her goals are highly commendable. She has a flare for many of her chosen subjects and this award is a testament to her outstanding results, her thirst for knowledge, and her relentless pursuit of excellence, reminding us that with determination and a passion for learning, we can achieve extraordinary things.

As we stand here today, we not only congratulate you on this well-deserved honor but also acknowledge the bright future that lies ahead of you.

We are all immensely proud of your achievements, and we look forward to witnessing the great things you will undoubtedly accomplish in the future.

Congratulations Emma McC. You have truly earned this Excellence Award, and we can't wait to see what incredible heights you will reach in the years to come.


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