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TY Blog Introduction

Introducing the new TY blog team.
TY Blog Introduction


Introducing the NEW! TY Blog Team. We look forward to working with them over the next few months and seeing everything TY in St Joseph's has to offer. Well done to the students for volunteering to get involved in this project. We wish them the best of luck.

Leon 4B

Hi, my name is Leon. My favourite part of Transition Year so far has been the TY Musical and I think everybody should give it a go if they do TY in the coming years. My primary interest is music and playing the guitar, so of course I am always interested in music specific news please do not be shy sending it on! I will work with the team though to report on any other news of interest for our TY group. I look forward to hearing from you and reporting over the coming months.

Katie 4B

Hi, my name is Katie. I’m really enjoying TY and I’ve decided to get involved with the TY blog and have a bit of fun with it. My favourite part of TY so far has been the musical and also some of the debating events such as Model UN and EYP which have all been really fun. I’ve loved meeting and getting to know new people this year and I’m excited to write about my future experiences in TY.

Abigail 4D

Hey, I’m Abigail. I joined the TY blog because of my passion for journalism. I am heavily involved with the drama and music departments here in the school. The highlight of my TY experience so far would probably be the School Shakespeare Festival last week. My main focus on the TY Blog will be theatre and the arts.

Samantha 4B

Hey, my name is Samantha. I wanted to get involved in the TY blog because I wanted to record my TY experience and how enjoyable it has been so far. My favorite experience by far was the musical and I am looking forward to the TY ball at the end of the year.

Saoirse 4D
Hi, I’m Saoirse (: I wanted to be part of the TY Blog to show everyone the exciting opportunities and day to day things that my year get up to. I’d definitely recommend taking part in TY, you’ll make new friends in your year and most importantly step outside of your comfort zone!
If there is anything you would like us to cover for the TY Blog please email the details to us on the following email address:
We are looking for photos, videos, articles or events to report on that you know are happening. Please don't be shy and get involved.
Aug 26
Academic Year 2022/23
Aug 30
TY Session 1 begins
Aug 30
5th Yr Leaving Certificate Applied Session 1 begins
Aug 30
6th Yr Leaving Certificate Applied Session 3 begins
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