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Weekly Roundup #WR7

The weekly roundup for St Joseph's from Monday 27th of January 2020 - Friday 31st January 2020. #WR7
Weekly Roundup #WR7

Monday 27th - Friday 31st January 2020

The "One in a Million" Club gained some new members...

On Sunday evening the 26th of January Mr O' Connell along with students and other staff members took to Rush South Beach to gain their "One in a Million" status! Out of the 7.5 billion people in the world, it is estimated that less than one in a million has ever seen Neptune, the most distant planet in the Solar System. Neptune is over 4.5 billion Km from Earth. It is so far away that it takes nearly 165 years to go once around the Sun, even though it is travelling at nearly 20,000 Km/Hr. Because of it’s great distance, it can only be seen in a telescope. Many braved the icy cold weather of last Sunday evening and with the aid of the telescopes set up by the local astronomy group all caught a glimpse of Neptune. Thanks to Mr O' Connell and the local astronomy group who encouraged and supported others to get involved in this fantastic opportunity. How special!


An Garda Síochána TY Programme

Always delighted to have TYs on the An Garda Síochána TY programme! Huge thanks to Breege in Balbriggan for facilitating this opportunity. Nicole had an action packed week visiting the Underwater Unit, CCJ, Garda HQ & Templemore! More TYs looking forward to taking part in the future.

gardai ty.jpg

Girls u15 Victory

Brilliant win for our u15 girls, coming from two goals down to beat Dunboyne 3-2. A great goal by Inara Fernández and a double from Ruby Atkinson.


Euroscola 2020

In a few weeks time, this group of TY and 5th Year students will travel to the European Parliament in Strasbourg to represent Ireland at Euroscola 2020. They will get the opportunity to explore, discuss and share their views with students from other European cities on the big issues facing the citizens of Europe, by taking on the role of MEPs for the day. This will be St Joseph’s third time to represent Ireland at this event in recent years. Best of luck to all the students representing our school this year. We know you will all be fantastic. Well done and thanks to the organising teachers - never to be underestimated the planning and organising involved taking students out of the country.

Euroscola team 2020.jpg

Gummy Bears Sacrificed - In the name of Education

We would like to say no gummy bears were harmed in the making of this experiment, but unfortunately for the gummy bears this was not the case. Their sacrifice was for the greater good of education & active learning. Mr O' Connell and his 1st year Science class were investigating the scientific method. A lot of the Gummy Bears didn't make it but will go down in the science history books as selfless heros!

Mr O' Connell's 1st years thank them for their service.

gummy bears.jpg

Catholic Schools Week 2020

The theme for Catholic Schools Week this year was: "Living in Harmony with God's Creation". Huge thanks to Ms McGann & Ms Mackin for all their hard work in preparation for actively living, seeing and hearing our Catholic School Ethos this week and really giving it the space to come to the fore of our every day school life for the week dedicated to all Catholic Schools. Reflections were passed on to be read at the beginning of all Religion classes. A different member of our school community began each morning with a prayer or reflection over the intercom from our Principal Ms Hayden, Anne one of our canteen ladies our head boy & girl, staff members and younger students. Ms Mackin & Ms Murphy continued St Brigid cross making across the 1st year religion classes and the entrance to our Oratory space was decorated with the theme of Catholic Schools week as inspiration by the TY Mural team. It was a very special week in our school and we thank all who got involved.



Fairtrade Awareness Day

Fairtrade Awareness Day happened on Wednesday the 29th of January. Wonderful peer to peer teaching and learning opportunity. TYs and 1st Years coming together to promote and create awareness surrounding social justice issues. Huge thanks to Ms Kinsella & Ms Quinn for their planning and organising of this day. It is a hugely important but also much enjoyed day in our school calendar. Big thank you to World Wise Global Schools for their ongoing support, this annual event would not be able to happen without them.



Subject Showcase for Senior Cycle

Great productivity at our ‘Subject Showcase’ for TYs led by 5th Year students. All options on display last Wednesday afternoon. Engaged, interested in & committed to gathering as much information as possible to inform their decisions! A new opportunity afforded to our TY students going into their 5th year subject choice time. Learning from peers, sharing real experiences, so students can make good decisions about the next step in their life journey, from those who have walked that path. This is student voice in action - Well done to Mr Reade, Ms Heaney & Ms McCarthy for allowing out TYs to be confident in their subject choices knowing that the choice they have made is made for them. Brilliant idea!


Bridge 21 Project with Germany

On Wednesday some TY & 5th Year Students were practising their German via skpye with German students in Gauß Gymnasium in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The students spoke German, asked questions, answered questions and challenged stereotypes during this session. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved. Well done & thanks to Ms Irwin for organising.

B21German 1.jpgB21German 2.jpg

TY - 1st Year Mentoring

Another mentoring session this week for our TYs & 1st Years. This week the focus was on time management and friendships. Well done to the TY mentors for their great way and work with their TY mentees. It was another fun and enjoyable session. Well done to the organising teachers.

TYMentoring 3.jpgTYMentoring 2.jpg

30 Minute Shakespeare Festival - Mill Theatre Dundrum

The TY Drama Class thoroughly enjoyed participating in 30 Minute Shakespeare Festival in the Mill Theatre Dundrum. The students were stellar in their manner and performances. They were great representatives for St Joseph's. Huge thanks to Mr Grimes and Ms Doyle who worked with the students and prepared them for this competition both teachers are immensely proud of all the students work and effort which paid off with several nominations and a win.

Nominations for Best Actor
Padraig White
Eanna Kavanagh
Nomination for Best Actress
Keelin Sheppard
Nominations for Best Supporting Actress
Rowena Leahy & Ciara Monks
Abagail Bosch & Mabel O'Donohue
Winner of Best Supporting Actor!
Conall Fynes
Congratulations to all the students who participated. The the students nominated and to Conall on his win! We look forward to seeing more from this group before the end is out!
Just a normal day at Student Forum...
Wellbeing warriors getting ready to pass on some positivity, our Eco team cooking up a plan to help tackle climate change, our Diversity & Inclusion team planning for Diversity Day & our Learning Hub planning for peer to peer learning. No biggy!
Student F1.jpgStudent F3.jpg
Student F2.jpgStudent F4.jpg
New! TY Blog Team
The new TY Blog Team are up and running!
Catch up on their introductory post here:
They hope to post a weekly update every Monday. We look forward to see what they are working & reporting on.
Best of luck Leon, Katie, Abigail, Samatha & Saoirse with this venture.
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