Important information for Parents/Guardians of 5th Year students

Please be advised that the Leaving Certificate Grading system will change for all those sitting the Leaving Certificate from 2017.

Below is a chart outlining the new percentage bands, the new letter grades (and scale ranging from 1-8) and the points that each grade attracts:


Explanation of chart and points to note:

The traditional letter grades (A, B, C…) have been replaced with either the letter H or O. H stands for Higher Level and will be awarded if students sit a subject at Higher Level. O stands for Ordinary Level and will be awarded if students sit a subject at Ordinary Level.

Changes to percentage bands have been introduced – new 10% range between ALL grades above 30%.

Each percentage band has a number attached to it on a scale ranging from 1-8. The relevant number will accompany the letter H or O. For example, a student who receives 63% in a Higher Level Spanish exam would be awarded a H4, which is worth 66 points.

Points will now be awarded for students who receive between 30 and 39% at Higher Level ONLY. The pass rate however has not been lowered, despite points being awarded for scores between 30-39%.

Higher Level Maths bonus points still remain, however students must secure a H6 (40% or more) to qualify for the 25 extra points.

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