Principal’s Welcome


I hope this site willgive visitors a sense of the reality of our vibrant and wonderful school, whilst also providing information and updates for our large community of pupils, parents, and staff.

St Joseph’s Secondary School is situated in the centre of the town of Rush. It shares the rich tradition and strengths that are part of the Mercy/CEIST ethos. Excellence, inclusion, creativity, courage, opportunity, and a global vision are very much our living ethos. We affirm our Catholicism in the context of a new Ireland which welcomes diversity. We robustly engage our pupils in the spiritual, intellectual, and physical rigours of a young, full life.

Secure in themselves, they are provided with a stimulating and structured environment that supports learning and allows them to express their various talents. Set in a beautiful location beside the seashore in Rush, St Joseph’s understands that learning does not stop at the classroom door. Pupils are positively encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities involving both Sport and the Arts.

St Joseph’s is a College For Every Student School committed to TA21 teaching and learning. School practice is built on the pillars of Mentoring, Leadership Through Service, Pathways to College and Technology. The school has close links with Trinity College and prides itself on providing students with as many ‘real life’ experiences of learning as possible.

Parents who send their daughters and sons to St Joseph’s make a conscious commitment to the spirit and ethos of the school. It is an ethical and family commitment to the St Joseph’s and CEIST tradition. Students, parents and teachers are encouraged to adopt a ‘can do’ attitude that looks outward and embraces the world.

St Joseph’s parents support the school community in a myriad of ways and are welcome partners in fostering that atmosphere of friendliness and care that lies at the heart of the school.

Ms. Patricia Hayden

Principal at St. Joseph’s Secondary School