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AWS Get IT Semifinalists 2022

AWS Get IT Semifinalists 2022

Layla, Kayleigh and Stephanie competed in the semi-finals of the AWS Get IT competition today. Only 10 schools were selected for the semi final so this was a wonderful achievement for the girls.

AWS GetIT is an initiative designed to encourage more young women to consider a career in technology by taking part in an inter-school competition. The program launched in 2020 in Ireland, expanding from the UK in 2018 and globally from 2020.

The girls designed an app which encourages the user to think about their food waste and to plan their meals. They spoke to 3 judges about their design.

The feedback the girls received:

The project was great because

  • This project is very topical and trying to address a problem that is growing in our society and has increased rapidly during the pandemic. Health and well-being is a focus at all ages, and this app targets 13-17 year olds, to enable good judgements to be made from an early age. The presentation was data focused and used data to add emphasis on the ideas of this app.
  • I like the idea very much - it combines reduction of food waste with healthier eating. The primary focus may need to be defined more, but overall, it works well and I like that you can either type r scan the food you have
  • You gathered data to look at your problem, surveyed your peers to understand the size of the problem locally and you asked your target customers if they'd use it and what they'd want shared in the app.
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