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St Joseph’s Secondary School, Rush
Europe's first CFES School of Distinction

Ability Week 2024

An inspirational week as students and staff learnt more about each other, particularly those differences that can confuse sometimes. Students displayed such bravery making this school a richer place for all.
Ability Week 2024
The aim of the week is to ensure that we have an inclusive culture within school.
Knowledge and understanding is the foundation of being an inclusive school.
An Ability Awareness video was watched by students and teachers @11am every day this week .
Monday @11:00am

Tuesday at 11:00am
Great Minds talk. All Sixth Year students attend a presentation by students and staff.
Erik, Erin, Sophie, Sarah, Clodagh, Sarah, Tracy, Ellie along with the AS group presented on topics which included;
Neurodiversity/ language, OCD, Autism, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia , Epilepsy, Hearing,Torettes syndrome.