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BTYSTE 2022 starts. Support our Young Scientists.

An exhibition portal for the 2022 exhibition allows the Public to view the 550 projects, enjoy STEM-focused shows and talks, visit exhibitor stands. Best wishes to the 17 students representing St Josephs' Secondary School.
BTYSTE 2022 starts. Support our Young Scientists.

Seventeen students will present a total of TEN projects to the BTYSTE Judges, a remarkable achievement.

Three of the projects are entered in the Biological and Environmental section. A VR headset is used in a novel experiment which aims to create enticing occupational therapy experiences to improve fine hand motor skills in children/teens with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Sustainability is at the core of the second project. Drawing on the local Horticultural industry this project gathers data to support moving away from the unsustainable use of peat moss in the growing of lettuce. The third project is an investigation into the acute effects of post-activation performance enhancement in male and female athletes. Local GAA teams helped this researcher compile the data needed to support his hypothesis that the use of post activation potentiation exercises can be used to enhance neuromuscular performance in Hurling.

Three projects were accepted in the Technology section of the Exhibition. Sláinte A.I. Breast Cancer Detection uses image classification and a self sufficient data engine to detect breast cancer in x-rays and mammograms for faster breast cancer screening and detection. Tick is a homework organiser App that aims to help students prioritise and complete their homework in the most efficient manner to reduce stress. GaelTalk uses a virtual reality immersive Irish language learning experience to promote the practice and understanding of the Irish Language.

Two projects will compete in the Chemical, Physical & Maths section. Py-Right Monitor designs a device that detects early pyrite or structural damage by monitoring movement in load-bearing walls. The second project investigates the development of a reliable diagnostic application for the early detection of Colour Blindness in children.

The final two projects are in the Social & Behavioural section. Sans Eyes, Sans Ears asks if incorporating a dual-coding element in second language learning improves working memory retention in aural exams. Periods, an analysis of the lived experience of menstruation for girls aims to discover if there is still a stigma surrounding menstruation and what interventions are possible.

Please register and use the BT Virtual Portal to hear all about these projects. Students have prepared a 3 minute video to explain their work to the Public. Visit our students at Stands 1217,1410,2307,2416,2528,3222,3223, 3227,4239,4591,

The virtual exhibition will showcase 550 qualified projects from over 1,400 entries, representing all corners of the island of Ireland from Wednesday 12th January to Friday 14th January from 9am to 5.30pm. The virtual opening ceremony will start at 1pm on Wednesday 12th January, and the awards ceremony will be held at 1pm on Friday 14th January.

This year, BT has waived fees for the public to access the unique exhibition portal for the 2022 exhibition, where they can view the 550 projects, enjoy STEM-focused shows and talks, visit exhibitor stands, and watch the opening and awards ceremonies live, for free on the BTYSTE website and on Facebook live.

Free registration is open at

Fun family entertainment across three days including projects showcase, thrilling science shows and interactive discussions.

During the three-day exhibition, guests will learn about the students’ projects, hear from some very special guests, and watch live entertainment acts including the Psychologi- Science Magic with David Meade, Science of Rap- The Kabin in the Neighbourhood, Space 2021 updates and highlights.

May 23
TY Work Experience 2&3
May 23
TY Work Experience 2&3
May 25
6th Year Graduation Mass and Awards
May 26
Summer Exams 5th years
Presenting our TY Salters Sterling Award Winner, the Transition Year Mentoring, the First, Second and Third Year Engagement and Resilience Award Winners. The Awards were presented in person at the Ceremony event hosted by TCD.
Formal Assessments will take place for all first, second and fifth year students beginning Thursday 26th May for fifth years, Monday 30th May for first & second years. Timetables and Information available here.
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