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TAP Educational Achievement Awards 2023

Presenting our TY Salters Sterling Award Winner, the Transition Year Mentoring, the First, Second and Third Year Engagement and Resilience Award Winners. The Awards were presented at an Award Ceremony event hosted by TCD.
TAP Educational Achievement Awards 2023
The Award winners, their Parents, Guardians and Year Heads and Mr Nealon attended the ceremony hosted by the Trinity Access Programme on Thursday evening May 18th 2023. Students and their Parents should be so proud of this wonderful achievement.
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Hassan Shahid was selected as this years recipient of the prestigious Salters Sterling Gold Medal Award. Salters Sterling, a former staff member of TCD and a founding member of the Trinity Access Programmes, was a visionary who was committed to opening up Trinity College to a more diverse student body. The student selected for the Salters Sterling Gold Medal Award have, similarly, shown a great sense of civic-mindedness and purposefulness in their classrooms, schools and communities. These students stand out as the leaders of tomorrow. Hassan is a worthy recipient of this Award.

Kayla Stapleton collected a Mentoring (Solidarity & School Spirit) Award in recognition of her generous contribution to St Josephs' Secondary School. Her kind, warm personality have made her a perfect role model and a core member of many Transition Year groups.

The Educational Achievement Awards are given to Junior Cycle Students. The awards recognise their academic excellence and hard work in school. All of the students have shown outstanding commitment and diligence and are being rewarded for the potential that they are showing as future students of Trinity College.

Third yearAcademic (Engagement & Resilience)
  1. Sean Boyle.
  2. Sophia Dorris
  3. Ciaran Sims

2nd Year Ed awards nominations Academic (Engagement & Resilience)

  1. Thomas Weldon Wallender,
  2. Stephanie Cherish Dan,
  3. Chizoba Nweke

1st year Academic Awards (Engagement & Resilience)

  1. Joy Adeyale,
  2. Andrei Mincu,
  3. Maeva Dochenova,
  4. Ray Kennerney
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May 25
Second Year Summer Assessments
May 25
Fifth Year Summer Assessments
May 28
Transition Year Work Experience 4
May 29
First Year Summer Assessments
The TUD Pathways to Geographers Challenge was an outreach initiative to promote future careers in combating climate change.TY Geography students were tasked to rethink the future of their locality,
Formal Assessments will take place for all first, second and fifth year students beginning Thursday 25th May for fifth years & second years, Monday 29th May for first years. Timetables and Information available here.
Students presented projects at SciFest a National STEM fair programme. Projects were exhibited at SciFest@College DCU and SciFest@College TUD Blanchardstown. Students represented their school with distinction yet again.Details below.
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