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Home School Community Liaison (HSCL)

Home School Community Liaison (HSCL)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here at St Joseph’s, we like to work together to help your child develop his/her full potential and we welcome your involvement in the school. There are many opportunities offered to encourage your involvement, such as coffee mornings, courses for parents/guardians, the Parents Association, school events, talks for parents and Parent Teacher Meetings.

I’d like to introduce myself and explain the role of the Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) Coordinator. My name is Haleigh and my role is to act as a bridge between the home and the school. My main aim is to improve the outcomes for our students through supporting parents/guardians. I can provide support through Home Visits, Parent classes/courses (recreational and educational), and by offering information on other family supports available in the local area.

Visiting parents and guardians in their homes

The purpose of home visits is to open up communication between home and school, provide information about the school, including courses in the school and services in the community and to encourage parents to become parent leaders who can be a resource for the school. If I plan to call, I will contact you by phone call or text before I drop by. If you would like me to call by for a chat, I can be reached by email and by phone from 8am- 4pm every school day.

Organising courses and talks for parents in the school

Another focus of mine is to encourage and support parents in attaining their own educational goals. In the past we have provided a variety of courses for parents/guardians free of charge. A notification is sent out on the iClass app to inform you about them. Through these courses, we hope parents/guardians will feel welcome in the school, get to know other parents/guardians, learn new skills and feel more confident in supporting their children's education.

Here is a list of courses that are currently being offered by HSCL:

  • Parents Plus - Adolescents Programme
  • Parents Plus - Special Need Programme
  • Personal Development & Mindfulness (DDLETB)
  • Smartphone & iPad Skill

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Spring 2023 🌷🌼

Be a Hero Attendance Campaign

HSCL is running an Attendance Awareness Campaign encouraging students to be Here Everyday Ready On-time.

An attendance survey has been sent to the Parents of our 1st & 2nd years students so that everyone can be involved.

Be an Attendance HERO Landscape.png

Over the 3 weeks, two classes from each year group have been rewarded for Best Attendance and are proudly showcasing their "Be a Hero" badges.

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Attendance Hero Winners Week 1.png

Week 2 Attendance Winners 2023.jpg

Week 3 Attendance Winners 2023.jpg

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions

Mobile: 086-0201209



Looking forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely,

Haleigh 🌸

Home School Community Liaison

Apr 19
LIFT Mentoring 6 (1 hr)
Apr 22
Prosper Fingal Show
May 01
Sixth Year Mentoring 4
May 01
Whole School Planning Meeting for Staff
Third Year science students travelled to Armagh Planetarium for an Earth & Space workshop.
TY students volunteered in Rush Community Centre, students and staff wore yellow to support this wonderful organisation.
Our school of sanctuary team co ordinated a bake sale, music and face painting in the hall at lunch time with a prize for the student wearing the most Red. All donations went to the immigrant council of Ireland.
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